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An overview of application guidelines for Study in Singapore

2022/8/24 16:16:12 Click£º1676
 Singapore study abroad at present in the domestic heat is very high, attracting all stages of overseas students, so you know to study abroad to meet the requirements of what? Today by xiaobian to bring you the Singapore study guide 2022 to study in Singapore to meet what conditions?

Undergraduate study abroad

I. Application requirements

1. Academic Achievements:

Singapore University applications usually require students to provide the following information: gaokao scores, language test scores, SAT scores, etc. Many schools require individual SAT scores. Different schools, specific application conditions are different. When choosing a school, pay attention to the information on the school's home page about application requirements.

TheUniversity of Singapore has different degrees of recognition of academic qualifications in China. Therefore, some schools will require students to take the UEE (TheUniversity Entrance Exam) test when they enter TheUniversity. The exam is divided into six subjects, including physics, chemistry, biology, humanities, English and mathematics. English and mathematics are compulsory subjects, while physics, chemistry, biology and humanities are optional subjects, which can be selected according to students' major majors.

2. Language Scores:

Since the UEE test includes An English test,