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Postdoctoral Research Program at Oxford Lincoln College [2024/1/12]
Asian City University Malaysia and City College Hong Kong hold educational inspection activities [2023/11/30]
Embrace the future and move towards a new starting point! The graduation defense of Class 8 doctoral students from Asian City University has been successfully completed! [2023/9/25]
2023 Enrollment Brochure for the Innovation Class of Excellent Talents at Guangzhou Xinhua University [2023/7/25]
HKCI 2024 Brochure [2024/1/30]
Announcement! City University of Asia Releases Agency Relationship with Xue Wei Education Technology Co. [2023/3/7]
The 2024 Asian City University China MBA&DBA Graduation Celebration was successfully held! [2024/1/9]
Good news! AMU-202207 MBA & PhD certificate is coming [2022/9/19]
A group of alumni association of Asia City University went to Golden Town to carry out the love education activities! [2022/8/30]
Our journey north [2022/8/11]
Enrolled in 2023 | Congratulations on Wu's admission to the PhD of Mala Technological University, Malaysia [2023/2/2]
Admission in 2023 | Congratulations on Zhang's admission to the National University of Malaysia [2023/2/2]
City University of Asia Doctoral Dissertation Defense Successfully Completed! [2022/11/28]
AMU's eighth batch of doctoral thesis presentations were successfully completed [2022/6/30]
20 Herman Laws for master and doctoral students, how many have you achieved? [2022/5/30]