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Asian City University Malaysia and City College Hong Kong hold educational inspection activities

2023/11/30 14:24:07 Click£º118
 Pro Khan, President and Pro Demudu, Vice President of Asia City University in Malaysia, as well as registrars Miss Massumi and Miss Sophia, visited Guangzhou from November 17, 2023 to November 20, 2023 for a four-day inspection of Chinese partners. Their purpose of this trip is to understand the enrollment and teaching management quality of distance MBA and DBA courses at City University of Asia in China. The Curriculum Management Center of Asia City University in Greater China organized a symposium with the leaders of Xi'an Curriculum Center, Shanghai Curriculum Center, Jiangsu Curriculum Center, and Guangdong Curriculum Center to discuss the operation of distance courses at Asia City University in various provinces and cities, as well as suggestions and prospects for future development.