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Universiti Putra Malaysia

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The University of Botra Malaysia (UPM), formerly known as the Agricultural University, was founded in 1931 and renamed as The University of Botra Malaysia in 1997 at the announcement of former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohadi. The main UPM campus is located in Serdang, Selangor, covering an area of 1108.103 hectares and has about 30,000 students. Boda Campus is located in Bintulu, Sarawak, 13 kilometers away from Mintulu town. The campus covers an area of 714.717 hectares and can accommodate 2200 students.

Ranked 132nd in the QS World Rankings 2021, UPM is ranked 28th among Asian universities and the 2nd ranked university in Malaysia. UPM has been awarded the highest rating of 6 stars (highly competitive) in the Malaysian Higher Education Institutions Consolidated Rating (SETARA).

The University is also committed to being a sustainable green campus with the best environmental management systems and practices, and has been ranked as the 28th best university in the world in the 2020 UI-Greenmetric University Rankings. UPM is the third-ranked university in Asia and has topped Malaysia for 11 consecutive years since 2010.